E17-S6 The Social Entrepreneur of Peace with Ximena Murillo

Summary & Key Takeways

How do you become a social entrepreneur for peace? Is it possible to run your own business firm while simultaneously lead an international peace and development organization? For Bolivian native and Houston resident Ximena Murillo, not only is it possible, it is her life.

In Episode 17 of Season 6, Ximena, a Rotary Peace Fellow (class 24), shares how she has been able to hold positions in the private, non-profit and public sectors, while also working for USAID, the UN Association in Houston & UNDP.

Ximena is the President and CEO of United4ChangeCenter for International Development & Global Citizenship (U4C)a global development organization that promotes social justice and sustainable peace in fragile communities around the world.

She is also the CEO of  Axess Global Business a consulting firm focusing on achieving positive social impact, developing comprehensive CSR strategies, and conducting social audits.

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