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PCDN is one of the most trusted names when it comes to careers & upsklling in social impact  + social change.

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Sure you can post on social networks. We all do. But if you want to reach the right individuals and have a dedicated audience of social impact professionals for your program or job, you are home.

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At PCDN we are relational. We just don't take your money and go. We make it your mission to see you succeed. We work with you in ALL stages of the process.
We are industry experts + KNOW the social impact field from the inside out. We have worked +founded our own NGOs, social enterprise + lead leading academic programs, trainings and worked + consulted for countless impact orgs around the world.
We customize and can do any ad (flavor) that fits YOUR goals and budget. We have ideas to help you get started but we work around YOUR needs. Yes. Blue Cheese ice cream flavor exists. For real.
Increase the number and quality of applications as well as awareness of your program. For many of our clients we are one of the leading sources of applications for their programs.
  • Advertising with PCDN has increased Rotary Peace Centers by 200%. PCDN is now the No. 1 driver of external visitors to the Rotary Peace Centers website.
    Kathleen O’Brien
    Previous Coordinator, Programs and Grants, The Rotary Foundation
  • Out of a total 1850 clicks to find out more about our program, a record 791 came via PCDN, making this the number one source of inquiries for our program. Nine of our final round candidates learned about the program via PCDN and four of the 18 selected participants.
    Martina Schulze
    Program Coordinator Georg Arnhold Program on,  Education for Sustainable Peace
  • I wanted to reach out to say thank you for the amazing work you're doing with PCDN.
    After applying for a Fall 2020 fellowship I saw on PCDN I received an offer in May & started my fellowship in September.
    Thank you for actualizing the vision of your idea to build this community--its events, podcast, & resources are wonderful.
    Mallory Matheson
    Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow, Search for Common Ground
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