Align your passion with your purpose with The Social Change Career Podcast. PCDN sits down with the world’s top professionals in the social change field to learn how they are changing the world while making a living.

Current Season 7

E11S7: Where Global Development meets Social Entrepreneurship with Fiona Maculay

E10S7: The Network Whisperer with Kerstin Tebbe

E9S7: The Academic Entrepreneur with Dean Patricia Márquez: Merging Peace with Business.

E8S7: Can social entrepreneurship solve the inequality gap?

E7S7: How to build a (very) successful career combining the arts and technology for good with Sara Lahayne

E6S7: The Ultimate Episode on Field Experience in Complex Settings with Hana’ Abdullah Raja Jum’ah

Explore Season 6

EP19 S6: Nine (9) tips to help you succeed in a social change career with Ryan Gawn

EP18 S6: The business case for gender and development with Ellen Maynes

EP17 S6: The Social Entrepreneur of Peace with Ximena Murillo

EP16 S6: How to Change the World via Impact Investing with Howard Fischer

EP15 S6: Youth, Peace and Security with Saji Prelis

EP14 S6: Practicing peacebuilding inside the United Nations with Janet Murdock

How to build, sustain and grow a career in Peace Education with Phill Gittins

Grantmaking Practices with Feminist Values with Erin Williams

Tech for good: from Engineering, to Public Policy to Social Good with Nancy Chan

Social Impact through Digital Storytelling with Matt Scott

Building a successful career as an anti-corruption expert with Blair Glencorse

Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights with Flynn Coleman

The definitive guide to a UN Career with Andrew Russell

Changing the world through social impact design with Marlyn Martínez

Beyond success: how to find meaning in the work that you do with Larissa Demel Anguizola

Engineering for peace: the career and research of Dr. Mira Olson

Impact investing for good with Diana Narváez

How to land at the UN as global southern national

How sport and fitness can change the world

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