E5-S5 Using Fellowships to Advance a Career of Impact. Key insights from fellowship expert Dr. Vicki Johnson.

Summary & Key Takeways

Do you wonder what’s the difference between a scholarship and a fellowship? Do you see everyone getting fellowships and you ask yourself if you can ever be a recipient of one? I sat down with one of the world’s premier Fellowship expert Dr. Vicki Johnson to get help you learn all about fellowships and actionable guidance & inspiration for our listeners to find YOUR Dream Fellowship.

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Learn how Dr. Vicki Johnson has received not only ONE,  but four world renowned fellowships herself and about her rilliant career before she founded the premier fellowship site for change-makers: Profellow.  Don’t miss listening to Vicki as you make plans to apply and become a fellow in 2020-2021 or beyond.  We will discuss how fellowships propel your career; can be a key part career transitions; make you more hireable and what’s the scoop on fellowships for international students.

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The German Chancellor Fellowship

The Herbert Scoville Jr Peace Fellowship

Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy

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