Career Series

Find amazing actionable insights, resources and more to help you advance your career of impact, to better understand how the Future of Social Impact Work & Education is influencing work, and how to thrive in rapidly changing Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The Ultimate Guide to Landing A Job

How to Negotiate Salary: Why is it Important and How to Succeed at it

Negotiate your salary? You bet. Here is a quick guide of why is it important...

How (Not) to Fail while interviewing for jobs in the social impact sector

Interviewing for jobs can be roller coaster of ups and downs. If you’re lucky enough...

What to Do When You Want to Relocate for a Job

Job relocation is a reality. Whether you’re a recent college graduate still looking for that...
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The Ultimate Guide to Grad School & Fellowships

Five Questions to Ask When Thinking About Graduate School

Thinking about Graduate School? Answer these five questions first. This post was written by Emily...

7 steps for submitting an outstanding fellowship application

This post is sponsored by Rotary’s Peace Fellowship program 7 steps for submitting an outstanding...

Securing Funding for Grad School. Do the Hard Work Early.

How many of you have thought about pursuing an advanced degree? Ok. Now, how many...
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The Future of work in social change

Key Tips for developing the skills + networks to advance a career of impact

PCDN is pleased with our next Social Change Career Podcast/Impact Career Chat Livestream featuring leading...

Summer Peacebuilding Institute Instructors Speak To You About Their Courses

This is a sponsored post on PCDN. The Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI) is excited to...

Soft Skills and Leadership: A Shift Towards Impactful Learning

This is a sponsored partner post on PCDN. Blogpost by Gaurav Dewani The Future of...
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