Season 6 of The Social Change Career Podcast
Episode 8: Artificial Intelligence & Human Rights with Flynn Coleman

A writer, international human rights attorney, public speaker, professor, and social innovator, Flynn Coleman seems like the perfect person to write about the intersection of AI, Human Rights and Ethics in her new book: A Human Algorithm.  


Episode 7: The definite guide to having a UN career with Andrew Russell

Andrew Russell has over three decades working at the UN in conflict-affected and transitional societies on peacebuilding, civil society development, crisis prevention, policy reform and strategic organizational change management.  

Listen to this special edition of The Social Change Career podcast as many of the questions were audience-generated.  

Don’t miss this definite guide to having a UN career with Andrew Russell.

Episode 6: Changing the world through social impact design with Marlyn Martínez

What happens when the worlds of design and social change merge?  How do you become a socially conscious designer? To answer these and many other questions see our latest interview with social impact designer Marlyn Martínez.

In Episode 6 of Season 6, learn about the career journey of Marlyn, from getting a BA in Industrial Design to  working as a designer in corporate America; to becoming a graduate of the MFA in Design for Social Innovation in NYC. Hear how  Marlyn is using her systems thinking and social impact design skills to help create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs in her native Puerto Rico.

Episode 5: Beyond success: how to find meaning to the work that you do with Larissa Demel Anguizola

Beyond being a successful young professional, which she is by all accounts, Larisa shares how does she find meaning in the work that she does and why it is so important to not only rise to the top but to be an agent of change for this “unfinished world”.

In Episode 5 of Season 6, you hear from Larissa Demel-Anguizola who is currently an Master of Public Policy candidate at LSE.  With an impressive work trajectory that started at AIESEC as country director and ended up Global Head of Impact; to private sector experience, to regional leadership of youth engagement at the Special Olympics.


Episode 4: Engineering for peace. The career and research of Dr. Mira Olson

If you think that engineers and STEM students overlook the social, cultural and environmental impact at their work, let me prove you wrong.  

In Episode 4 of Season 6, you hear from Dr. Olson who will tell us about her life, education, research, and how she is changing the world with her work at the Peace Engineering program at Drexel University.

Episode 3: Impact investing for good with Diana Narváez

Skeptics of the market place, those that never scored high on math, curious about financial topics but afraid to ask, social entrepreneurs and troublemakers in general please listen to this super insightful episode that will walk you through how impact investing can be used as a tool to create social good.  


In Episode 3 of Season 6, you hear from finance expert Diana Narváez, who left a 10-year career in finance and corporate America and returned to her birth country to give back using impact investing as her super powers.

Episode 2: How to land at the U.N. as global southern national with Santiago Quinones

Let’s face it.  Getting a job at the U.N. is not easy.  More so, if you belong to a non-donor country.  But even when your hard work rewards you with a UN field position, there are epidemics, active armed conflict and much more.


In Episode 2 of Season 6,  Santiago shares openly how UN field works looks like in Africa and Latin American countries.  Be ready for a bumpy ride. 

Episode 1: Sports for Social Change: Closing the Gap between fitness and unemployment with Wylie Belasik

Over the better part of the past decade, Wylie Belasik has worked in the fields of ending homelessness and battling substance abuse while using physical fitness as a cornerstone of a successful recovery.  


Opening Season 6, we hear how through the work of his non-profit ULIFTU, Wylie is closing the gap between fitness and unemployment.    

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