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Our mission

It’s possible. To change the world and making a living. At PCDN we tell you how.

Your career is more than a job, a gig, or a consultancy. It is the sum of your education, a sense of direction and purpose, smart strategizing of what comes next, how to get your next  job, how to successfully transfer into or out of the social change field.

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Our team


A natural network weaver, Dr. Craig Zelizer envisioned PCDN even before the technology was there to fulfill his dream of closing the information gap. While he co-founded two NGOs, worked for & consulted for leading organizations, he received his PhD and worked for 10 years at a Professor at Georgetown University he slowly but surely grew a list that turned into a global community that ended up connecting peacebuilding and changemaking professionals from around the world. Read more how Dr. Zelizer is a thought leader in the social change space here.


Originally from Bogota, Colombia, she arrived to the U.S. to purse her doctoral studies. She has been a consultant for international organizations and worked in gender, international development and peaebuilding. She has published academic articles, trained and taught around the world and enjoyed working directly with women’s organizations in advocacy issues. She never thought she would ever be involved in a social enterprise like PCDN. Read more to see why she enjoys working in PCDN here.

Our work spans from curating the latest information on jobs and opportunities so you don't have to; to teaching you how to craft successful job applications and inspiring you to take action.


However you learn best, we have a huge variety of ways from which you can choose to educate yourself on the scope of the social change field; learn about employers and how to apply successfully for social change jobs.


We aim to help build the careers of changemakers and organizations involved in educating, training and employing social good professionals. That’s our bottom line.


You are not alone. Share about your work. Connect and learn from your peers. See how others are making a living and align your passion with your career.

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If you’re passionate about changing the world, we’re passionate about helping you. PCDN has impacted thousands of social change professionals & organizations around the world. We love hearing feedback from our community.