E12S8: A Career Fighting Social Inequality with Ben Phillips

Summary & Key takeaways

This episode was brought to you thanks to the Rotary Peace Fellowship (more info below)

What does a career fighting social inequality look like? Look no further as I sit down with one of the world’s expert in social inequality: Ben Phillips.

Ben Phillips is the author of the book How to Fight Inequality. He advises the UN, governments and civil society organizations. He is Launch Director of the Fight Inequality Alliance. He has lived and worked in four continents and a dozen cities. He has led programs and campaigns teams in Save the Children, Oxfam International, Action Aid, the Children’s Society, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty and the Global Campaign for Education.

In Episode 12 of Season 8, learn how Ben’s passion for inequality started as a young activist in the Mamelodi township, South Africa, in 1994, just after the end of apartheid. We also discuss Ben’s new book; his take on social entrepreneurship and his very honest answer on how to get paid by doing good.

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 ***Episode recorded on March 18th, 2021

Key Links

How to Fight Inequality Book

Fight Inequality Alliance

Ben’s Linkedin

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This episode was brought to you thanks to the Rotary Peace Fellowship

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