E18S10 Blending Business and Impact: Lessons from a Career in Venture & Startups

Summary & Key Takeways

Can business, venture capital and startups generate impact? Heck yes, says Lina Maria Cuervo, co-founder of Cube Ventures Accelerator. In our season final episode, whether you are a market skeptic or you are drinking the business kool aid, learn from real life experience how busines can advance positive social.

Lina shares valuable insights based on her extensive experience as a serial social innovator and entrepreneur in Latin America. As the co-founder and managing partner of Cube Ventures, a venture capital firm that accelerates early-stage startups, Lina brings a unique perspective on driving positive and measurable impact.

Lina emphasizes the significance of networking and partnerships in the world of startups. She highlights the importance of being a giver and building long-term collaborative relationships for impact.

Additionally, Lina shares her strategies for effective outreach and pitching. She reveals the power of utilizing LinkedIn to connect with potential partners and offers tips on starting the conversation in a way that builds trust and mutual understanding before diving into financial details.

During the episode, Craig and Lina also discuss the world of venture capital, providing insights into how venture capitalists identify promising tech-based companies with high growth potential. They explore the concept of an exit strategy, whether through acquisitions, IPOs, or other means.

Lina shares practical advice on conducting market research, building a viable business model, and the importance of bravery and resilience in navigating the challenges that come with entrepreneurship. Furthermore, Lina emphasizes the significance of building a community and seeking support from mentors and advisors. She emphasizes the impact of a strong support network and shares her personal experience of leveraging the expertise of 10 mentors and 100 advisors.

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