E6S12 How to build a career in Conflict Resolution and Peace with Zachary Metz

Summary & Key Takeways

With the state of current events in many parts of the world, a career in Conflict Resolution is more important than ever.  In Epsiode 6 of Season 12 host Dr. Craig Zelizer sits down with conflict resolution expert Zachary Metz to talk about his high-impact career addressing conflict and organizational challenges around the globe.

 Dr. Metz  is Partner and Director of Peacebuilding at Consensus. He is a seasoned innovator in peacebuilding and conflict resolution in the U.S. and around the globe with over two decades of experience working with companies, communities, INGOs, donors helping to build understanding and more sustainable systems. 

Throughout the episode, Dr. Metz explores his extensive experiences that span across different conflict-impacted societies. He shares his profound respect for those endeavoring to make a difference on the ground and stresses the importance of putting communities at the center of change. By examining the changes from when he began his career—when peacebuilding was a very nascent field, to a vibrant growing one around the globe Dr. Metz emphasizes that we must shift the paradigm to recognize peacebuilders as pragmatic visionaries.

Listeners will gain an in-depth understanding of the skills and attributes essential for a career in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Dr. Metz outlines the growing need for partnerships, sustained relationships, and identifying nontraditional entry points for fostering peace.

Amidst rising global tensions and declining multilateral responses, Dr. Metz finds hope in the expansion of local peace-building organizations worldwide. He highlights the significance of networks like the Alliance for Peacebuilding and points to resources that can aid aspiring peacebuilders, such as his own anticipated work "The Intimacy of Enemies." Influenced by profound thinkers from various disciplines, Dr. Metz underscores love as a political phenomenon, proposing that genuine relationships can cultivate powerful social change.


As a partner in the firm Conensus Zachary Metz leads a wide variety of client engagements within our Peace Building and Talent Development practices.

In addition to his extensive work within the private sector, Zachary consults to national and local governments, political leaders, United Nations agencies, and international civil society leaders. He also teaches graduate-level courses at Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and at New York University.

Prior to joining Consensus, Zachary was the Director of Education & Training for Columbia University’s Center for International Conflict Resolution where he was responsible for the educational elements of their international and domestic programs and projects.

He began his career with a focus in domestic conflict resolution, working as a mediator, trainer, and program director with the Northwest Institute for Restorative Justice and the Dispute Resolution Center.

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