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GiZ Results-Based Management, Monitoring and Evaluation policies

Craig Zelizer

January 13, 2019

GiZ keeps a low profile, and it is not, itself a donor agency, but it could be the largest technical cooperation implementing agency in the world. 

GIZ has offices in 130 countries outside of Germany, and as of 31 December 2017, GIZ had a total of 19,506 staff, 57% of whom were women.. Of these, 3,753 were working in Germany and 2,305 were employees seconded abroad. In addition, 13,448 staff were working as national personnel in the partner countries. Eighty per cent of GIZ's total workforce were working abroad.
Giz has over 1,900 people working in governance, rural development, peace and reconstruction, education, health, sustainable infrastructure development and other areas, and it currently manages over 1,600 ongoing technical cooperation projects in 130 countries with a total value of more than 14 billion euros.    This article reviews the role of GiZ in Germany's international development assistance, the GIZ results model and how it uses RBM in Monitoring and Evaluation.

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