A Career Journey in Education Access During Emergencies with Barbara Moser-Mercer

Summary & Key Takeways

Education access during emergencies? It is a critical challenge facing tens of millions of displaced people around the globe.

This is also a growing career path for those seeking to work at the intersection of education access, migration and humanitarian relief/international development.

In Episode 13 of Season 11, Craig sits down with Dr. Barbara Moser-Mercer, professor emerita and founder of InZone (University of Geneva), a visiting professor at University of Nairobi, engaged in strengthening African solutions that advance Higher Education in Emergencies (HEiE) and has been coordinating the launch phase of the African Higher Education in Emergencies Network (AHEEN). She is currently also a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Center researching and working on a book on Higher Education in Emergencies.

From her early passion for mathematics to her groundbreaking work in education access during emergencies, Barbara's journey is nothing short of inspiring. She reminds us of the importance of collaboration, humility, and respect in driving social change. We explored the intersection of athletics and education, the impact of language learning in humanitarian contexts, and the crucial role of technology in emergency education.

Here are some highlights from our conversation with Barbara:

- She discussed her career journey, from her initial interest in mathematics to her transition to cognitive psychology research and ultimately to her impactful work in empowering communities and providing education access during emergencies.

- Barbara emphasized the importance of collaboration, respect, and humility in her work, drawing on her experience as an interpreter to understand diverse perspectives.

- We delved into the critical role of education in emergency situations, Barbara's development of a self-care toolbox for humanitarian interpreters, and the integration of technology and community collaboration in humanitarian work.

Barbara's commitment to finding solutions for displaced individuals and her dedication to empowering communities are inspiring others who want to develop careers merging fields like interpretation in refugee settings.

Please also see this link for a presentation Dr. Moser-Mercer recently did on the African Higher Education in Emergencies Network here or below

And see more on AHEEN here

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