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New Publication, Smarter Grantmaking for Grantee Organizations

Published September 12, 2019   Funder grantmaking and learning practices are best when informed by grantee organization needs and experience. Yet, there are many factors that limit or even block this feedback loop. As funders, Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) members recognize our responsibility to listen and respond to grantee questions and concerns, even when

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GiZ Results-Based Management, Monitoring and Evaluation policies

GiZ Results-Based Management, Monitoring and Evaluation policies

GiZ keeps a low profile, and it is not, itself a donor agency, but it could be the largest technical cooperation implementing agency in the world.  GIZ has offices in 130 countries outside of Germany, and as of 31 December 2017, GIZ had a total of 19,506 staff, 57% of whom were women.. Of these, 3,753

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A practical RBM Guide to planning large projects

A useful RBM Project Planning Guide Sometimes old guides remain useful.  This is the case for A Results Approach to Developing the Implementation Plan, produced by Peter Bracegirdle, for the Canadian aid agency, CIDA, in 2001.   Although some useful new guides have been developed by CIDA’s successor agency, Global Affairs Canada, since then this PIP

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The 1-Minute Introduction to Results-Based Management

Not everyone wants to spend a day on an introduction to Results-Based Management and then another day or two practicing how to use it. For those who want something quicker – The 1-Minute Results-Based Management Video. But, for those who may want something more detailed, although less exciting, there is the Results-Based Management Training website.

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Process Documentation of Interfaith Peacebuilding Cycle

The concept of this study was to explicitly define the characteristics of Process Documentation (PD), a unique type of record keeping system. The PD is a process of lessons learned-centric piloting approach which is a neologism in Social Science research. The PD moves forward “anti-clock-wise” direction and generally applies to humanitarian agencies in support, care

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OECD Results-Based Management Guides

If you are interested in knowing how the donor agencies use Results-Based Management in their own organizational contexts, the OECD has published 7 case studies on how  World Bank, the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, the New Zealand Aid Programme,  the Swedish International Development Agency, Global Affairs Canada,  the United Kingdoms’ Department for International Development, and The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affair  use RBM

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