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5 Great Reasons to Chose the Democracy & Governance M.A, Program at Georgetown

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December 14, 2021

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  1. A Location Like No Other: There is simply no better place to be than Washington, D.C. if you’re interested in international relations, development, or US foreign policy. There are numerous opportunities to intern, undertake professional development, attend academic conferences, and more.


  1. A Historic Institution: Georgetown is renowned for its academic programs, especially so for the emphasis it places on political science and international relations. Few places in the world can rival the programs and resources available here.


  1. A World-Class Faculty: An august institution like Georgetown naturally attracts and recruits the best. Faculty are internationally renowned scholars and practitioners. Georgetown gives you access to the forefront of theory and the most experienced experts.


  1. A Unique Curriculum: The Democracy & Governance curriculum is like no other available. The curriculum is updated semester to semester so that course foci and topics stay current and relevant. The degree track includes special “skills” courses that help prepare you for work in the field, in addition to allowing you to study the building blocks of democratization and effective governance.


  1. A More Flexible Degree: The Democracy & Governance degree track is incredibly flexible! It allows you to pursue many themes and regional specializations but ties them together with a core set of courses focused on the democratization field.

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I graduated from the the Democracy & Governance M.A. Program at Georgetown in 2019, and I felt I knew a lot about my chosen specialization. What I did not know a lot about at the time was Cameroon, nor did I know that I would take a job working with an NGO to help bring awareness to the civil war there. Over the next few years, we worked to awareness of the conflict and hosted an international conference. I could not have envisioned the path my democratization studies would take me on. However, I was more than prepared to tackle the challenges I faced thanks to the unique curriculum of the Democracy & Governance M.A. Program at Georgetown.   - Rick Ferreira, Democracy & Governance MA 19

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