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OECD Results-Based Management Guides

Craig Zelizer

July 8, 2018

If you are interested in knowing how the donor agencies use Results-Based Management in their own organizational contexts, the OECD has published 7 case studies on how  World Bank, the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, the New Zealand Aid Programme,  the Swedish International Development Agency, Global Affairs Canada,  the United Kingdoms’ Department for International Development, and The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affair  use RBM for agency management in planning and reporting on aid projects. 

The OECD also published a useful companion synthesis of these case studies.  The synthesis, by Rosie Zwart, summarizes how the agencies compare in their approaches to RBM, in terms of how they define results, how they deal with issues of attribution of results, indicators, and how Results-Based Management is incorporated within agency functions and agency culture.

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