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A Useful Introductory Guide on how to use Results-Based Management for Long Term Planning

Craig Zelizer

August 6, 2019

When it was producing its previous 5-year plan, the Government of Cambodia produced, with UNDP assistance an introductory guide to RBM for long-term planning.

This RBM guide was initially intended for the civil servants who had to develop and implement the government 5-year plan, but the systematic approach it takes to walking the reader through the planning, monitoring and evaluation process could be useful for anyone who needs to do either long term or short-term project or programme planning.

This introductory guide to the use of Results-Based Management in planning, uses examples from the Cambodian context on issues such as education and water and sanitation, and a number of templates to guide users step-by-step through the process of aligning national results first to Ministry results, then to programme results, and activities.

The guide also provides  links to the original sources it uses to explain basic RBM concepts, for readers who want more detail.  It is a good, solid piece of work, worth taking a look at.

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