Career Series

Find amazing actionable insights, resources and more to help you advance your career of impact, to better understand how the Future of Social Impact Work & Education is influencing work, and how to thrive in rapidly changing Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The Ultimate Guide to Landing A Job

How to Negotiate Salaries in the Social Impact Sector.

Negotiate your salary? You bet. Here is a quick guide of why is it important...

What to Do When You Want to Relocate for a Job

Job relocation is a reality. Whether you’re a recent college graduate still looking for that...

E16-S7 Covid-19 & Unemployment in the Social Impact Space: The Story of Jessika Portney

Unemployment in the Social Impact Space: The Story of Jessika Portney
The Ultimate Guide to Grad School & Fellowships

Top 10 Tips for Making the Most of your Fellowship

Fellowships can be one of the most valuable experiences of your professional and academic career....

5 Things a Graduate Student Must Do 5 Months Before Graduating

Recently, I was working with a student who expects to graduate this coming spring (it...

Jitters, panic & madness – The true spirit of admissions

A brand new planner open next to me, music enveloping the air and a lot...
The Future of work in social change

Future Possibilities Report 2020: How to build back better?

21 July 2020 crossposted from UNU-MERIT innovation, sustainability, UN While the end of the crisis...

Registration is Open for Fall 2020 Online Humanitarian Training Courses

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs offers online humanitarian training courses for humanitarian students and...

The Future of Work is Here - Now, Are you Ready?

I still remember the first time I saw a smartphone I was at a conference...
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