Career Series

Find amazing actionable insights, resources and more to help you advance your career of impact, to better understand how the Future of Social Impact Work & Education is influencing work, and how to thrive in rapidly changing Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The Ultimate Guide to Landing A Job

E16-S7 Covid-19 & Unemployment in the Social Impact Space: The Story of Jessika Portney

Unemployment in the Social Impact Space: The Story of Jessika Portney

Networking tip: When Introducing Yourself, Remember Your Hat

When I attend professional events and am about to be introduced, I spend time thinking...

Work-Life Balance or Quicksand

Work-life balance. It’s a phrase that can easily be added to the list of buzz...
The Ultimate Guide to Grad School & Fellowships

Top 10 Tips for Making the Most of your Fellowship

Fellowships can be one of the most valuable experiences of your professional and academic career....

5 Things a Graduate Student Must Do 5 Months Before Graduating

Recently, I was working with a student who expects to graduate this coming spring (it...

Jitters, panic & madness – The true spirit of admissions

A brand new planner open next to me, music enveloping the air and a lot...
The Future of work in social change

Join PCDN at the Future of Work Forum

FUTURE OF WORK PCDN is pleased to be a strategic part in the Future of Work...

Building the Skills for the Impact Careers of Today & The Future

At PCDN we were planning on launching a group career coaching option to help even...

Future Possibilities Report 2020: How to build back better?

21 July 2020 crossposted from UNU-MERIT innovation, sustainability, UN While the end of the crisis...
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