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Join PCDN at the Future of Work Forum

PCDN Global

November 24, 2020

PCDN is pleased to be a strategic part in the . We will be convening several key sessions with global innovators working at the forefront of the future of work as part of this terrific event.


The world is changing. And so is the world of work. New technologies, new industries, new sectors and new conversations have been pushing the boundaries of how we view work. This rapid change is also seen in the nature of careers in the social impact space as well as how institutions train individuals for professions. With the onset of Covid-19, these boundaries are only getting pushed faster. The jobs and the skills of the future that will enable significant progress towards achieving the SDGS are being created today and will emerge rapidly. Many of these core skills and jobs were probably not foreseen a decade ago. At the same time, many existing sectors and jobs that exist today are likely to change, transform or even fade away with the rapid growth of automation, technology and artificial intelligence. As per OECD Employment Outlook 2019: The Future of Work, 14% of jobs could get completely automated, and 32% are likely to change significantly. Out of the businesses surveyed for The Future of Jobs Report 2020 by the World Economic Forum, 43% indicate that they are set to reduce their workforce due to technology integration.

These changes are taking place against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic which has created an enormous and unprecedented global health and economic crisis, affecting all including the civil society. Studies indicate that CSR funds could shrink up to 50% while private philanthropy spending also declines, forcing organisations to cut salaries, layoff employees and cut back on programs. However, at a time when we need even greater investments in supporting civil society, budgets are being cut and under investment will be widely seen. Therefore, it becomes critical to look at how the future of work will change in the social impact sector; how new and innovative forms of collaboration between civil society, government and private sector can help advance positive social change and generate sustainable financial models; and how we can work towards increasing bold and collaborative systems approach - to meet the many challenges of the 21st century from the climate crisis, creating fair and sustainable economic opportunities and addressing inequality to training populations for the careers and skills of the future.

Why we are doing this

In these times of rapid economic crisis, where many organisations perceive some form of an existential threat to their sustainability, the ability to develop effective networks and collaborations and foster continuous learning have emerged as some of the core skills for the future of work. To discuss this and more, we’re hosting a three day convening - - inviting some of the world’s leading thinkers, doers, builders and troublemakers from diverse sectors to explore the key trends in the future of work and social impact. This includes how to effectively foster ecosystem building, how to generate greater economic opportunity at a time of increasing gig-fication of employment and uncertainty for many aspiring professionals, highlighting the key skills needed to succeed and how institutions and peer networks can provide effective training and more.

Note: All attendees will receive a certificate of participation. Links to join the session will be shared shortly after purchasing passes.

DETAILS: December 16-18 , 2020

is envisaged as a three-day platform bringing together diverse stakeholders across the triad, i.e., three key sectors - private sector, government and civil society (NGOs, nonprofits) with the objective:

• Sharing their insights, opportunities and challenges on what the future holds in light of the pandemic
• Co-creating solutions based on each sector’s core competencies and capabilities
• Sharing knowledge that could redefine what this future looks and what it could achieve

To see the program (this will be regularly updated) click


is a social enterprise dedicated to strengthening the impact sector in India through capacity building and consulting support in the areas of human capital, strategy, fundraising, partnerships to name a few. We strongly believe in strengthening the social impact ecosystem by creating opportunities for building thought leadership within the social impact space. We bring together diverse stakeholders, thought leaders, academicians, experts and practitioners through knowledge sessions and conferences to build dialogue, accelerate solutions and inspire systemic collective action to address the myriad development challenges we face.

of the Future is a long-term initiative with the vision of strengthening the ecosystem for social change. It is a constantly evolving effort that is responsive to emerging opportunities within the sector and beyond. Reflective of this our website remains a work-in-progress and will be updated regularly as this initiative evolves.

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