E15S12 The Future of Youth Career Development with Evelyn Van Til

Summary & Key Takeways

How can you build a rewarding career in youth career development?

Find out in Episode 15 of Season 12, with Evelyn Van Till, strategic partnership manager at American Student Assistance. Evelyn shares her experiences and insights into shaping pathways that ignite imagination and foster equity in education and career readiness for Generation Z.

Take a listen while Evelyn discusses the transformative role of technological advancements in education through platforms such as Evolve Me, a skill-building and career experimentation platform developed by ASA and partners that incentivizes and empowers students to embark on their career exploration journey confidently. EvolveMe features over 125 free interactive activities curated from 50+ partner organizations and has reached over one million users within the first year.

Evelyn emphasizes the importance of Edtech, Career tech, and HR tech as key areas full of opportunities for helping youth upskill, find employment and impactful work. She shares her unique perspective on the evolving landscape of higher education. Drawing from her own career path, which began at McDonald's, to to her current role at American Student Assistance, she discusses the growing influence of educational technology on credential learning, apprenticeships, and boot camps. Evelyn's personal story highlights the value of diverse experiences in shaping a rewarding career.

Listeners who aspire to make a positive difference through their work will find this episode particularly valuable, as it offers terrific of insights, strategies, and motivation to help guide their journey.

She highlights several key organizations and resources for those keen on exploring dynamic career opportunities. Dive into educational technologies and innovations through platforms like EdTech Hub, Hundred, and the WISE Accelerator. For job opportunities in EdTech, EdSurge is a great resource.

Prominent institutions like Arizona State University (ASU), Stanford Graduate School of Business, and Future of Higher Education (FoHE) are crucial for in-depth learning and professional growth in this field.

Organizations such as Jobs for the Future (JFF) and competitions like XPrize and Catalyze provide valuable insights into future job market trends and are instrumental in shaping hiring strategies in youth career development.

Follow Evelyn on LinkedIn for more insights, and explore resources including American Student Assistance to see how you can get involved or benefit from their offerings.


Evelyn Van Til is a passionate advocate for scaling pathways for all, driven by a mission to ignite imagination in service of equity. With expertise in early career, emerging talent, and K-20 experiential learning, Evelyn has worked on various initiatives, including apprenticeships, internships, adventure/travel, service, project, play, game, and work-based learning.

In addition to her work at American Student Assistance, Evelyn has organized events like Maker Hour of Code, MakerX, and other events for Computer Science Education Week. She also founded 4th Street Farms, an urban farm on a mission to eat, educate, empower, and employ people, and joined neighbors in creating the Weinland Park Community Civic Association in Columbus, Ohio.

From local to global, Evelyn is dedicated to opening doors curated with intention, purpose, and equity. 

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