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Network Weaving, Innovation, and Social Impact Careers

Craig Zelizer

May 1, 2023

PCDN is pleased to announce our upcoming Social Change Career Podcast Livestream, Network Weaving, Innovation, and Social Impact Careers with leading social entrepreneur Catalina Cock Duque

As an accomplished leader in the social impact sector, Catalina has dedicated her career to fostering change and equipping diverse populations with the skills, support and resources needed to make foster positive change

In this insightful episode, Catalina will share her rich experience founding and leading several leading social impact organizations and weaving + connecting different worlds for social change. She'll discuss the importance of nurturing talent and fostering a spirit of innovation, and how these efforts can lead to the creation of sustainable, community-driven solutions. 

Drawing from her extensive background as a founder, social entrepreneur, leader, listener, Ashoka Fellow, and more, Catalina will offer valuable advice for students and professionals seeking to advance careers in the social entrepreneurship and impact space, as well as insights into the challenges and rewards of building a career in this field.

Catalina will cover the following key topics:

  • The importance of building inclusive approaches to shape the future of social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Essential skills and attributes for success in social impact careers and key pathways to upskilling
  • Overcoming challenges and navigating career pivots in the social sector
  • Leveraging networking and mentorship to advance your career and create lasting change

How do I attend: The Social Change Career Podcast livestream can be watched on  Linkedin & Youtube. The recording will be also uploaded to our Youtube Channel and converted to an episode of the Social Change Career Podcast.

When: The session will be streamed on May 12 at 11:30 to 12:30 Est (10:30 to 11:30 Colombia time)


An accomplished social entrepreneur and global weaver, Catalina Cock Duque inspires people to build a world in which everyone is at the forefront of social change and multi-level networks are built to contribute to more peaceful and inclusive societies. With a restless spirit and great social and environmental awareness, Catalina has a journey of more than 25 years in social innovation and ecosystem weaving.

Catalina is the co-founder and current President of Fundación Mi Sangre, which activates ecosystems and develops capacities so that the new generations are protagonists in the construction of a culture of peace. Mi Sangre has impacted more than 2 million people in Colombia equipping them as co-creators of transformative solutions at the community and policy level. Catalina is also co-founder of the Weaving Lab, a global community of weavers learning together how to interconnect people, projects and places to form thriving systems. As founder and CEO of Amichocó, Catalina led the creation of the first social and environmental certification of artisanal gold mining in the world which has been replicated in more than 10 countries around the world.

Catalina is also involved, as an investor and board member, to Ecoflora home and Ecoflora Cares, pioneering companies in the development of plant extracts for home care and the production of natural dyes. Since 2016, Catalina has done consultancy work for several companies and international organizations on issues of collaborative innovation, systemic change, conscious leadership, and sustainable development.

Catalina holds a BA in Sociology and Political Science from the Maryland University (USA) and a Masters Degree in Social Policy and Planning for developing countries from the London School of Economics in England. She has been certified in various executive courses in leadership, collaborative innovation and systems change at the Harvard Kennedy School, INSEAD, the Synergos Institute, the Presencing Institute, One World Academy, the Bertha Center for Social Innovation at the University of Cape Town, among others

For her work and performance, she has been recognized as an Ashoka fellow, a Responsible leader by the BMW Foundation, a “Rising Talent" by the Women's Forum, and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and a Synergos´ fellow.

Why is PCDN doing this? We are deeply committed to helping social impact professionals and students around the world find their path to impact careers. We only have one planet and one life, and our goal is to help as many people put impact & changemaking at the heart of their work across diverse sectors.

For those who want much greater support, access to the world’s best experts, more interactive sessions, networking events & workshops over 350 opportunities per month (fellowships, jobs, funding, socent +startup, training and more) + tons of members only benefits please visit the PCDN Career Campus.

Format: The podcast features short interviews led by the PCDN leadership team with our guests and there is usually time for questions from the audience. 

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