Building a Career at the Intersection of Money and Impact

Summary & Key Takeways

Season 12, Episode 18 of the Social Change Career Podcast features Andrea Longton, CFA, a distinguished author and seasoned social justice investor, as she shares her wealth of knowledge from years of experience at the crossroads of finance and impact. She discusses her work on renewable energy projects in Africa and her strategic shift to community development finance in the U.S. She provides actionable insights on upskilling and building an impact career as well as practical advice around aligning personal investments to impact.

Why Take a Listen:

International Development Financing

    • Andrea's Career Journey: Explore Andrea's diverse career, from international project development to domestic financing. She provides a detailed look into sustainable energy projects and community-centered financial solutions.

    Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) & Social Justice Investing

      • Role of CDFIs: Understand the pivotal role CDFIs play in underserved communities and how social justice investing can drive both social and climate justice outcomes. Andrea highlights key mechanisms such as community loan funds, venture capital, and crowdfunding.

      Networking & Professional Relationships for Social Impact Careers

        • Building Strong Networks: Andrea shares essential advice on cultivating professional networks in social change sectors. She emphasizes aligning authentically with an organization's mission and how effective networking can open doors in social justice finance.

        Advice for Aligning Finance and Values

          • Balancing Financial Returns and Impact: Andrea offers insights on how to balance financial returns with impactful investments that align with your values. Learn strategies to ensure your financial decisions support both personal and societal goals.

          This episode is filled with practical tips, real-world examples, and inspiring insights. Don't miss out on Andrea Longton's journey and expert advice on merging financial returns with impactful, justice-driven investments.

          Resources Covered in the podcast:

          Check our Andrea's Book the Social Justice Investor

          Explore Andrea's Podcast Renegade Capital: The Activist’s Podcast for Finance and Investments

          As You Sow Invest Your Values

          Bio: Andrea Longton is an award-winning author and professional social justice investor. She has raised over $1 billion for social justice investments in the United States and has advised on another $1.5 billion worldwide. In addition to her professional experience, Andrea manages her family’s finances, including their own social justice investment portfolio.

          Her professional experiences include positions at Opportunity Finance Network, Freddie Mac, Capital Impact Partners (now Momentus Capital), and Delphos International. Andrea holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder designation from the CFA Institute (Charlottesville, VA), a BA from Centre College (Danville, KY), and an MA from The George Washington University (Washington, DC). Andrea is the founder and author-administrator of "The Social Justice Investor" website and cohost of "Renegade Capital: The Activist’s Podcast for Finance and Investments." She lives in Maryland with her husband and three children.


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