From Global Development to Creative Industry Entrepreneur

Summary & Key Takeways

How can Global Development better link to Social Entrepreneurship? Learn more in Episode 2 of Season 12, with Nina Oduro, CEO and co-founder of Dine Diaspora and Black Women in Food. Nina shares her remarkable journey from global development to creative industry entrepreneurship and the impact her initiatives are making in the food industry.

In this episode, Nina stresses the value of surrounding oneself with people who can help you grow, learning from different fields, and taking on challenges to build new skills. She highlights the power of teamwork, creativity, and identifying skill gaps when assembling a team.

Organizations like Dine Diaspora and Black Women in Food advocate for black women in the food industry by facilitating partnerships and collaboration. Nina shares her approach to experiencing innovative cuisine through seeking out new dining experiences and finding inspiration on platforms like TikTok.

When discussing innovative food, Nina emphasizes the importance of continuously exploring new culinary ventures and innovations. Her passion for meaningful food demonstrations on TikTok offers a refreshing lens onto the culinary world.

For business inspiration, Nina recommends "Walk Through the Fire" by Sheila Johnson for its insightful blend of human stories and entrepreneurial wisdom. She also suggests immersive documentaries about different communities to gain eye-opening perspectives on societal dynamics.

Networking, gaining insights, and securing job referrals have been pivotal in Nina's own journey. Her emphasis on critical thinking, proactivity, and creativity spotlights the multifaceted nature of global development roles.


Nina Oduro is CEO and Co-founder of Dine Diaspora, a Black-owned and women-owned company that connects people and brands to African diaspora food culture based in Washington, DC. Nina leads strategy and creative direction, centering Black foodways through marketing initiatives for top global companies. She has worked with hundreds of food professionals and entrepreneurs, connecting them to opportunities and resources for their individual and collective growth of African diaspora contributions to food around the world.

She co-founded Black Women in Food (BWIF) to address the gap in support and opportunities for Black women’s advancement in the food and hospitality industry. Since its inception, BWIF has supported over 1,000 women across the food system around the world through funding, resources, networks, and recognition.

 Nina has also contributed to strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives through training and advising for the James Beard Foundation. Her social impact work has included working for organizations like IREX and Microsoft. As a champion for equity in the food and beverage industry, she has been featured as a Changemaker in DC’s food system by Washington City Paper and her work has been featured in publications such as Food and Wine, Sweet July, and Washingtonian.

She has been recognized as a Top 30 Under 30 honoree by Future of Ghana and DAWNer of the Year by the Diaspora African Women’s Network. Her writing has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Cuisine Noir Magazine, and The Africa Report. Nina received a Master's from Columbia University and a Bachelors’ from University of Virginia and holds a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from eCornell News

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