E3S10: A Career in Climate and Public Policy with Faith Edem

Summary & Key Takeways

What are the key skills in demand for a career in climate?

This and many other questions are answered in Episode 3 of Season 10 with Faith Edem, Economic Advisor at Environment Canada explores the radical (and much needed) growth in careers at the intersection of policy and sustainable economics.

Building on her own rich experience engaging and shaping environmental policies in Environment Canada and globally she shares insights on the wide range of career paths that are critical to addressing one of the planet’s greatest challenges. 

From her decade of work in the social impact sector, what Faith explains sees as the key skills in demand for climate careers, where the future jobs will be, and how to build effective global partnerships to make direct policy changes and much more. 

Finally, Faith highlights the importance of building a more inclusive and diverse climate sector and venturing into social impact entrepreneurship.


Faith Edem is an Economic Advisor in Environment Canada where she develops Bilateral Climate Finance Programming in the International Affairs Branch. Faith works to support country-driven climate target implementation and climate governance in developing countries. 

Faith holds a Masters in Public Administration (Specialization in Economic Policy) from Queen’s University and a BA Honours in Law and Political Science from the University of Toronto

Faith has an array of expertise in climate finance, energy policy, net-zero emission, building sector, environmental justice and sustainability. As a young leader, Faith has been recognized as a 2022 Aspen Institute Future Leader, 2021 Corporate Knight 30 under 30 Sustainability Leader and a GreenBiz Circularity 2021 Emerging Leader. Faith is a policy researcher, published climate resilience author in Our Climate, Our Stories and an awarded diversity and inclusion actor. 

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