E5-S2 Ilaina Rabbat on Do You Know Who Are You Going to Be When You Grow Up?

Summary & Key Takeways

Some people don’t know who they want to be; some people stumble into social change and fall in love; some, Ilaina Rabbat are just social change agents since birth, or really really early.  Ilaina Rabbat, co-founded and was the executive director of the Amani Institute. *Currently, she is the Head of Talent Development at Proximity Designs. Listen this episode and find out Ilaina’s early involvement in social change issues; her tenure with Ashoka in El Salvador and how she is managing help thousands of social innovators through Amani Institute. Episode 5 of the Season 2 of The Social Change Career Podcast is brought to you by The Rotary Peace Fellowship.

*This episode was recorded prior to Ilana's transition from The Amani Institute

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How she grew up having dinner conversations about democracy, human rights in exile
  • Return to Argentina in the 1990s
  • How Ilaina entered the social impact field via the social change in primary school
  • How Ilaina found her own group at 15 years old: the UN Argentine Youth Organization
  • How Ilaina’s skills were acquired in her volunteer more than during college
  • Have a plan, changed it all the time, but be clear about your WHY
  • Ilaina explains common threads across different personalities to set you for success in your career
  • How in the social sector we tend to see things in topics and not in terms of tools
  • Ilaina’s transition from big bureaucracies to social enterprises
  • How working on Ashoka in El Salvador helped her define herself as an entrepreneur, creativity, testing new ideas and being a self starter
  • Ilaina explains what Ashoka is how the non-profit introduced the term social entrepreneur
  • Ilaina tells the story of how she co-found her own organization Amani Institute
  • Ilaina explains how she co-developed the Amani’s three-pillar methodology to prepare social impact work
  • Why Amani Institute is located in the Global South (Kenya, Sao Paulo and Bangalore)
  • Ilaina’s take on why or why not go to Grad School and when
  • What gets you hired in the social sector, according to Elaine
  • What’s next for Elaina?
  • Ilaina’s best career advice
  • Ilaina’s take on failure
  • Three things needed to pursue a career of impact according to Ilaine


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