E12S11 Remote work for refugees: changing lives and livelihoods with Lorraine Charles

Summary & Key Takeways

We're excited to bring you a new episode featuring Lorraine Charles, a social entrepreneur and researcher deeply involved in creating livelihood opportunities for refugees through remote work. In this episode Lorraine shares her journey and the significant impact of her organization, Na'amal, in transforming the lives of refugees in the Middle East.

This episode offers an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities in digital empowerment for refugees. Lorraine sheds light on the vital role of digital skills and access to remote work in changing the employment landscape for refugees. She discusses the gaps in traditional employment support and the potential of remote work as a viable solution, providing valuable insights for those interested in social change and community empowerment.

Additionally, the episode explores the complexities of helping refugees secure remote work, highlighting the importance of both technical and soft skills training.

Tune in to this insightful episode to better understand the challenges and opportunities in facilitating remote work for refugees as well as career opportunities for those seeking to work in this sector.

Bio: Lorraine Charles is a social entrepreneur and researcher, Co-founder and Executive Director of Na'amal. She holds significant roles with Finn Church Aid and the International Labour Organization and is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. Lorraine is known for her expertise in linking forcibly displaced individuals with remote work opportunities and is a member of various advisory committees focused on digital solutions and livelihood programs.

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