E16S12 Where inclusion meets resistance: Lessons from a career in global peace and security

Summary & Key Takeways

Are you curious about becoming a professional peacebuilder in these challenging times?

In Episode 16, Craig chats with Nanako Tamaru, a dedicated advocate and consultant in global peace and security. Nanako's strong commitment to women's leadership and her efforts in peacebuilding are at the heart of her work. She adeptly supports governments, policymakers, and others in community building and constitution-making in conflict zones, addressing the intricate challenges of peacemaking.

Reasons to Listen:

  • Women in Peacebuilding: Discover how Nanako leads innovative initiatives with women to combat extremism and establish lasting peace in communities.
  • Analyzing Global Priorities: Explore discussions contrasting community development with defense spending, shedding light on how these priorities influence peace efforts.
  • Educational Insights: Consider the benefits of graduate studies and how they can shape a career in social change, illustrated by Nanako's own academic and professional path.
  • Essential Facilitation Skills: Learn about critical facilitation skills for peace and security settings
  • Navigating Challenges: Gain insights from Nanako's experiences and strategies as a consultant in the complex realm of international peace and security, offering lessons applicable across various social change sectors.
  • Decolonizing Aid: Explore how Nanako's work contributes to reshaping traditional aid frameworks, promoting a more inclusive and equitable approach to international support.
  • Upskilling Tips: Get practical tips on enhancing your skills to stay effective and relevant in the evolving field of peace and security.
  • The Importance of Humility: Understand why maintaining humility is crucial in change work, allowing for continuous learning and genuine engagement with communities.

Bio: Nanako Tamaru is a licensed attorney and peace and security practitioner. As an independent consultant, Nanako advises and supports civil society, governments, and international organizations with social inclusion/gender equity initiatives, community-driven peacebuilding programs, and inclusive approaches to statebuilding. She is also a global expert on women’s leadership in constitution reform. 

Nanako has managed peacebuilding programs in Syria and Somalia and has written on issues related to governance and conflict resolution for UN Women, United Nations Development Programme, Mercy Corps, International IDEA, and Harvard University. She is also a faculty member at Brandeis University and serves as Executive Director for the Boston Network for International Development.

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