E16S10 Talent Is Everywhere And Now Opportunity Can Be Too with Bidjan Nashat

Summary & Key Takeways

Do you ever wonder if talent is equally distributed as opportunity?

On Episode 16 of Season 10 of The Social Change Career Podcast, we sit down with CEO of Atlas Corps, Bidjan Nashat to discuss the intersection of talent and opportunity in the social change sector. With a career history in organizations such as Save the Children International and Teach First Deutschland, Bidjan shares his insights and experiences in creating teams and cultures that have a positive impact. Drawing from his work on refugee response efforts, particularly during the mass migration of Syrians to Germany, Bidjan highlights the challenges of planning and responding in humanitarian work, emphasizing the importance of partnerships. Inspired by the Arab Spring and Syrian revolution, Bidjan reflects on how these events have shaped his career decisions.

Key Topics

Talent and Opportunity in the Social Change Sector

  • Exploring the concept of talent in the social change sector
  • Discussion on how talent can be found in unexpected places
  • Bidjan's perspective on creating teams and cultures that have a positive impact
  • Insights into the challenges of planning and responding in humanitarian work
  • Highlighting the importance of partnerships in social change work
  • Colombian Situation with Venezuelan Migrants and Refugees
  • Discussion on the current situation in Colombia regarding Venezuelan migrants and refugees
  • Bidjan's insights based on his experience and involvement in refugee response efforts
  • Analysis of the challenges and opportunities in addressing this issues.

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