E11-S7 Where Global Development meets Social Entrepreneurship with Fiona Maculay

Summary & Key Takeways

Fiona Macaulay works at the intersection of innovation, leadership and global development. She’s a serial social entrepreneur, educator and field-builder.

In Episode 11* of Season 7, Fiona shares how her leadership experience started during in her involvement in student-led businesses Fiona talks about her “fateful coffee” that changed the course of her life that took her to South Africa for two years.  This experience led her to create Making Cents which she co-founded and led for 20 years.  She is currently involved in her second enterprise, the WILD network or the Women Innovators and Leaders Development Network- to support women social innovators to scale their impact, and thrive personally.

Not happy with pioneering in the concept of youth-led economic opportunity, Fiona is currently leading the movement of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with her WILD Network in the Global Development space.  She discusses their annual forum; their most recent impact review and what are the top skills to navigate the fields of Global Development and Social Entrepreneurship.

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*Episode recorded on September 23rd , 2020

** Originally this was episode 12 but for technical reasons it was aired as Episode 11th

Key Links:

WILD Annual Forum

WILD Network

WILD’s effectiveness report

Fiona’s Failure Story

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