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Why Work in Impact Investing?

Impact Investing Job Seekers: How Will Keyholders to Your Next Open Door Remember You? By: Jessica Loman 27 June 2017 I veered away from an impact investing career for some time because of two false assumptions, False assumption #1: I thought all investing was run by brutal capitalists centered only on the bottom line of

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Interview the Job and Other Career Satisfaction Tips

By: Jordan Koletic, Program Assistant, PCDNetwork In my short professional career between my undergraduate and graduate degree I have held two jobs in a four-year span (one of those is currently with PCDN)! Technically, I suppose, three jobs if you are counting a promotion where I stayed with the same company and team. I am

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How to Succeed in Your First 90 Days on the Job

This blog is part of PCDNetwork’s career in change 2017 series. Click here for information on all the activities, webinars, blogs and ways to participate. You have successfully memorized the LinkedIn profile of every coworker, splurged on some new clothes, and are currently sipping on a glass of wine to calm your nerves. It’s the

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