E8 S11 A Career in Social Impact Journalism with Esha Chhabra

Summary & Key Takeways

A career in social impact journalism, how cool is that? In Episode 8 of Season 11 we explore how to launch a career as a social impact journalist with Esha Chhabra. Esha is an accomplished journalist and author, has written for renowned outlets including  The New York TimesEconomist, and Guardian. She shares her insights on the current state of journalism, her deep experience in covering regenerative and sustainable businesses, the power of storytelling, and the challenges and opportunities in the field of social impact reporting.

Esha takes us through her journey, from her initial interest in broadcast journalism to her passionate focus on global development, the environment, and business. She also discusses her work in exploring whether companies are genuinely making a positive impact or indulging in greenwashing.

Esha also shares valuable tips on freelancing in journalism, how to build a portfolio, and the importance of finding a niche to distinguish yourself in the industry. We also explore the changing landscape of journalism, the role of social media, and the rise of AI in storytelling.

As sustainability and social impact gain momentum, Esha sheds light on how companies are navigating this shift and the role of consumers in driving change. We also delve into the topic of challenging the system from within versus advocating as an activist, and the need for strong leadership in championing sustainability within corporations.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Freelance Journalism: Esha shares valuable insights on how to make a living as an independent media professional. From pitching stories to finding clients, she explains the importance of persistence and having a clear focus in the industry.
  2. Importance of Storytelling: Esha emphasizes the power of storytelling in making social impact. By crafting engaging and relatable stories, we can truly captivate audiences and drive action.
  3. Shifting to Regenerative Practices: Explore how businesses are moving from sustainability to regenerative practices. Esha discusses B Corps movement, the leading certification for triple bottom line businesses. Discover the challenges and opportunities in creating a more sustainable future.

If you're interested in learning more about Esha's work, her book is a must-read!

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Bio: Esha Chhabra has been a writer and journalist focused on global development, the environment, and business for over a decade. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Economist, Guardian, Forbes, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Wired, and more. She goes beyond the greenwashing to determine if companies are actually pushing the needle. Her work has been supported by the UN Foundation and the Pulitzer Center in Washington, DC. Esha is a graduate of Georgetown University and the London School of Economics and Politics Science. Delhi-born, she calls Southern California home. She is author of the recently published book Working to Restore Harnessing the Power of Regenerative Business to Heal the World

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