E5-S1 Anne Kjaer Stand up and just do it

Summary & Key Takeways

Anne Kjaer Riechter: Stand Up and Just Do It

Anne carries a Danish passport but considers herself a citizen of the world. Her father’s family escaped from Germany as the Nazis persecuted them for their pacifist’s beliefs. Her family moved to Norway to the countryside when she was 11. For college she attended an alternative three-year innovation management school that started her great journey combining entrepreneurship, technology solving complex social problems. A recipient of the Rotary Peace Fellowship, Anne today is the co-director of the “Re-Di School for Digital Integration” teaching refuges in Germany how to code. Find out more about Anne’s career in Episode 5 of Season 1 of the Social Change Career Podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Annes’ family and how her personal history shaped her
  • Moving to Norway and witnessing her parents changed careers
  • Moving to Australia as an exchange student
  • Attending (and loving) her three year vocational school
  • Anne’s first job with Samsung doing CSR
  • How she decided on her Masters in Peace funded by Rotary Peace Fellowship
  • Traveling to Japan to learn social innovation in the Asian context
  • Open Social Innovation as Ann’s topic for her Master’s Thesis
  • Anne’s working in Silicon Valley with the Ideo community
  • While at Stanford University how she got in touch with the Peace Lab
  • The story behind the co-creation of “Redi” the school for digital integration teaching refugees digital/coding skills (fundamentals of programing).
  • We need to stop talking about refugees and we need to start talking WITH refugees
  • Mohamed’s story an Iraqi programmer
  • How Anne connected the dots of linking refuges with digital skills with the German business in high demand for digital jobs
  • Anne’s best career advice (thanks to Nike)
  • Anne’s version of failure
  • Three tops things to pursue a career of impact according to Anne

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Listen to Anne here:


Kaos Pilots

Rotary Peace Fellowship


Standford University Peace Lab

“Redi” school of digital integration

Hacking the refuge crisis- Tedex Berlin


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