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Breaking the Walls between Us

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March 16, 2017

by Robi Damelin, International Spokesperson, Bereaved Member, The Parents Circle Families Forum

Early Friday morning, buses left from all over Israel and Palestine and some 200 women came to be together and discover the humanity in the other in honor of International Women’s Day. It was thrilling to arrive and see how many new faces, friends of the bereaved members chose to spend the day together. This was such an opportunity for the Parents Circle to share our message with those who had never heard it.

This year we marked international Women’s Day in the West Bank so that Palestinian women from Jenin, Nablus, Beit Omar, Deheisha Refugee Camp and many other villages would be able to attend without having to ask for permits. After all, freedom of movement is a basic human right.

The day started with a dramatic, painful, honest and heartbreaking sharing by the mother of Muhammed Abu Khdeir who was brutally murdered and burnt by Israeli extremists. She has officially joined the Parents Circle as she believes that her son would want her to prevent further deaths on both sides. How extraordinary this woman is to make such a gesture of conciliation. The dignity with which she spoke and her wise words left us all tearful and grateful.

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