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How do you anything is how you do everything, Reflections from the 2017 Interaction Forum

Craig Zelizer

June 23, 2017

Dear Colleagues

Over the past three days, the PCDN team has been participating in the 2017 Interaction Forum.

We have heard many amazing quotes (the title of this blog come from Nathniel Raymond, Director of the Signal Program on Human Security and Technology at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI).

We have inspired, depressed (about much of the current challenges facing the international and local development community around the world), intrigued (meeting new colleagues, exploring concepts), entertained (in interactive workshops), and feel tired and infused with energy and connections to help continue our work for change. As part of our informal partnership with Interaction, we do produce a series of blog posts and also were fortunate to do FB live sessions with a number of amazing changemakers.

This blog post lists all of our blogs and also FB live interviews in one place (as well as a few videos from the Gala Dinner/Award Ceremony). We encourage you to check them out, comment, share, and also consider attending the Forum in 2018.

BLOGS (click on the images)





FACEBOOK Live Interviews:

Gala Dinner Ceremony (not the quality of these aren't great but the speeches are amazing)

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