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Global Changemakers Start at Arcadia

Craig Zelizer

May 16, 2022

This is a sponsored post on PCDN.

The Master of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution (MA in IPCR) offers a curriculum that allows students to develop an area of concentration within the discipline, build an international network of contacts and gain applied field experience.  IPCR students have the option to pursue their graduate studies in a two-year, full-time or a three-year, part-time program.

Our program presupposes peace is achievable and sustainable only when all levels of society meaningfully share in the process of building peace and sustaining it. The goal of the IPCR program is to provide highly motivated, independent-thinking students with the crucial tools to analyze and mediate conflict situations, and to help them develop the skills necessary in preparing to enter their respective professional arenas as proponents for peaceful and productive social change, whether they be in their own countries or abroad. Students prepare to effectively transform and prevent social conflict. 

The IPCR program offers a small group of students an opportunity to spend their first year of study (part-time students their first-two years) in a critical mix of conflict analysis and resolution, research methods, and ethnic studies, coupled with public international and human rights law, refugee, economic and development issues. Students further develop their specific areas of interest by combining electives with their core studies, in order to both meet their own interests and goals and to prepare for their final-year externships and field work. Both full- and part-time students take advantage of intensive field study embedded in the curriculum to Cyprus and to Paris. 

Masters candidates spend the second year in internships or conducting field research in their specific area of interest either, domestically or internationally.  The part-time track is designed specifically with the working professional in mind; therefore, part-time students have the flexibility of pursuing their studies abroad through shorter stays in intensive summer courses, and fulfilling their internship requirements domestically if so desired.

Scholarships are available. Awards are based on financial need and academic achievement.

For additional information, click here or email: [email protected]  


  • Two year MA program with part time option
  • One year of course of study with one year international or domestic internship/field research
  • Coursework can be in person or online
  • Embedded international group travel to Cyprus and France
  • Certificates in Mediation and Diplomatic Tradecraft
  • Two dual degrees in Public health and Counseling
  • Dual degree and PhD pathway in partnership with the American Graduate School in Paris
  • Scholarships and Research Assistantships available
  • No GRE’s required
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