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Working at the intersection of education & social impact

Craig Zelizer

September 29, 2022

PCDN is pleased to announce our next  Social Change Career Podcast Livestream. 

This session is supported by the master’s degree or certificate in peace and development studies. 

In our upcoming session, Working at the intersection of education and social impact, learn from innovator and educator Diana Suarez founder and CEO of GLOT. Diana has been working at the intersection of education and social impact for more than a decade (see full bio below). 

In this livestreamed session Diana will share her rich experience working on innovation and impact in a wide-variety of education roles including in the nonprofit, public and higher education sectors. She will discuss her lessons building an innovative non-profit that is working to advance language literacy and social impact within Colombia and globally. In addition, she will highlight  the key trends in education for impact careers, recommendations for those wanting to work in global education and tips for how to upskill.  


I am a Productivity and Quality engineer, with an MSc in Environment and development. I'm passionate about children, languages, and social impact. For me, education is the tool to fight poverty and reduce inequalities. I have more than 12 years of experience in the educational sector, working for universities, the government and non-state actors leading projects and partnerships at the national and international level. I use my talents and passion to bring about change.

I’m the Founder and CEO of GLOT Inc, an International organization that creates social impact through languages. I’m currently an adjunct professor at a business school with the course International Relations. I speak Spanish (native), English, French, some basic Swahili, and I’m currently learning Italian by myself. Above all these languages, the most important for me is love. 

How do I attend: The Social Change Career Podcast livestream can be watched on  Linkedin & Youtube & Twitter. . The recording will be also uploaded to our Youtube Channel and converted to an episode of the Social Change Career Podcast.

When: The session will be streamed October 3  at 12 pm EST.

Why is PCDN doing this? We are deeply committed to helping social impact professionals and students around the world find their path to impact careers. We only have one planet and one life, and our goal is to help as many people put impact & changemaking at the heart of their work across diverse sectors.

For those who want much greater support, access to the world’s best experts, more interactive sessions, networking events & workshops over 350 opportunities per month (fellowships, jobs, funding, socent +startup, training and more) + tons of members only benefits please visit the PCDN Career Campus.

Format: The podcast features short interviews led by the PCDN leadership team with our guests and there is usually time for questions from the audience. 

Check out the Rotary Peace Fellowship

This session is supported by the Every year, 130 individuals are selected to receive a generous award from The Rotary Foundation that funds tuition, living expenses, international field experience, and research/conference opportunities at one of the Rotary Peace Centers, located within eight leading universities around the world.

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