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Exploring the Future of Impact Work (recorded webinar)

Craig Zelizer

November 27, 2018

As part of our Future of work in Social Change Career Series, PCDN recently held a webinar Geraldine Hepp, Global Community Director for the Amani Institute (bio below). The recording is below.

Everyone talks about the future of work – from the World Economic Forum to the Silicon Valley. We ask how our rapidly changing world is affecting the future of impact work: How can professionals in the private, public and third sector do what it takes to build careers that are fit for this emerging future?

In this webinar we examined some of the professional and leadership skills necessary and how you can build them. We also discussed which types of new professions will prove as essential and what support networks are out there for your professional journey.

About our Speaker:

Working with professionals from over 52 countries across the globe, Geraldine has extensive experience facilitating and supporting the journeys of Changemakers and their career development. She is part of Amani Institute's founding team. Other than connecting the dots for a global community of networks, experts and professionals she also designs and leads social innovation programs for cultural managers in East Africa and around the globe. Her writing has been published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

Geraldine has studied both in Europe and the USA and holds a degree in adult education, music and media science from Humboldt University, Berlin. She is the co-founder of East African Soul Train collective – a project that brings together artists and creative sector stakeholders across cultures and disciplines in an intense journey on East Africa’s historic railway tracks to foster collaboration across boundaries. From a very young age, Geraldine has worked with youth groups for cultural understanding, personal growth, team building, mediation and environmental protection through circus, art and adventure pedagogy. 

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