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Thinking too small

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July 18, 2018

(This is lifted from the GlobalStakes Consulting website blog post of the same title).

Stop thinking that you do not have the money. You have the money you are using it for other purposes.

Stop thinking you do not have time. You have time. You are using your time in things that do no produce results for you.

Stop thinking because we do not have the money, therefore, we are willing to work harder, the work will be longer, and we are indebted from people. Invest your money and stop saving it to the Reserves. 

Time is the resource not money. Time spent will not go back again. With money, you can earn it. Don't trade your time for money.

Stop begging to be helped. You can help yourself by being independent financially and of others' good vibes.

Stop thinking that leadership is setting everything from the top level. Listen to others so you can get their 'yes' without having to repeat yourself all the time.

Stop thinking that short cuts are always good. Beware of the short cuts that lead to failure!

Stop copying other organizations and people. Ask what makes them successful and create your own terms of reference about success.  Learn from what didn't work for them and avoid it like a plague. 

Stop saying that this is all I can do. This is what you can with what you have. Take it one day at a time.

Stop overdoing development. You do not need to be doing everything just because there is a need for it or your organization can do it. That is why there is a thing called Strategic Plan.

Stop copying the fad of the day. Those fads and trends come and go and they do not work for all occasion.  Work with what is true and evergreen and have been tested and proven to work. 

Stop showing up with fake actions like reports, feasibilities, plans, experiments to do x,y,z. These are not results! Get to the bottom of things and fix the wheel to keep in moving again. Fire people if you need to do that. 

Stop cuddling underperformers and non-performers in the organization or network that will never ever rehabilitate. Cut your losses and get a better staff!

Stop working harder and stop committing to working harder more. Don't work hard, work smart. If you are working your organization too hard, there is definitely a problem somewhere. People in your organization are working hard already. Adding more work means eliminating some to make room. Your staff are not horses and horses get tired too!

Thinking small is a frame of mind that settles for less at the expense of effectiveness, impact, sustainability, and well-being for the present and for the future. Organizations, leaders, and enterprises that settle for mediocrity get what they deserve.

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