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Peace First Launches Rapid Response Grants to Address COVID-19.

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March 20, 2020

Peace First Launches Rapid Response Grants to Address COVID-19.

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Dear Peace First community,

As you know, the WHO has declared COVID-19 to be a global pandemic, and has recommended communities take social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Globally, COVID-19 is more than a public health challenge — it has laid bare the consequences of persistent systemic inequality for all to see, and is threatening our social fabric, mental health, trust in institutions, and the economic security of billions of people.

This is a critical time for all of us to support each other. In this moment of obligation, we have a responsibility to act with care and caution, both towards ourselves and each other. And as a global community, we know that this is a key moment to take action. 

That’s why Peace First is launching a rapid response grant process to help young people around the world lead projects that address community impacts of COVID-19, from providing meals to elderly neighbors to launching digital mental health campaigns to support youth feeling isolated. Rapid response grants are open to young people between the ages of 13-25, anywhere in the world, starting today. Learn more and apply here: https://forms.gle/JjxcPdUHMTpCcttR7

Find out how to get involved, and join in by sharing our campaign on social media and within your community using our sample social media posts in our call to action and social media toolkit:

Here’s what Peace First is doing to respond to the changing needs of our communities due to response to COVID-19:

  • We’re convening a global group of youth leaders to design a meaningful, youth-centered campaign in response to COVID-19.
  • We’re offering mini-grants of up to $250, mentorship, and project support to young people leading initiatives to address secondary effects of COVID-19 in their communities.
  • Next week, we’re kicking off a series of video calls and webinars to help young people who are feeling isolated connect with youth leaders around the world, share best practices in digital organizing, and co-create projects to respond to COVID-19. Want to get involved? Sign up here to receive updates on call dates and additional opportunities: https://forms.gle/VPFuYC7cWU7hcudU9
  • Our team is creating a resource list for young people seeking project-planning support, public health information, tips on building community digitally, and ideas to care for mental health while practicing social distancing.
  • We’re reaching out to parents and educators around the world to provide our digital curriculum to students experiencing disruption in their education.
  • We’re offering optional extensions of up to 1 month for youth leaders who need to put their projects on hold due to social distancing guidelines. If the crisis continues or worsens, we will offer additional extensions as needed. Our team is in contact with project leaders and working with them closely.

In order to put rapid response funding resources into the hands of young people globally, we need financial support to do so. If you are able, please make a gift at www.peacefirst.org/donate. Please share this information on your social media and to others who can support this important work.

We know that this is a challenging time for many members of our global community, especially young people. Here at Peace First, we are thankful for each of you — for the work that you do to make our communities safer and kinder, for coming together in times of crisis, and for speaking out when you see injustice. If you want to help, and you’re ready to take action, our team is here to support you.

Peace First Team

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