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The World's Best Podcast for Careers of Impact

Craig Zelizer

July 6, 2020

Are you looking to learn more about the latest trends in social change & social impact careers?

Do you want to learn from some of the world's leading innovators, doers, thinkers, builders and troublemakers?

Check out PCDN's Award Winning Social Change Career Podcast. Over the past six seasons to date, we've interviewed over 50 leading professionals in nearly all corners of the world to have honest career conversations done right. This includes in sectors ranging from impact investing, peacebuilding, technology for social change, humanitarian relief, health and reproductive rights and more.

We have just released the last episode for Season Six (season seven will start later this summer). We did a total of 19 episodes in this season featuring innovators from all parts of the world.

We also need your help to grow the reach and impact of the podcast. To date the podcast has nearly 25 reviews (all 5 stars). We hope to grow this number and thus if you're a podcast listener/subscriber we would greatly appreciate if you would consider adding a review on your favorite podcasting platform/app

For those who enter a review between July 1 and July 31, 2020 we will randomly select one person for free two hours of  PCDN Career Coaching (value of $260). To be eligible for this all you need to do is the following.

1) Enter a review of the podcast on your favorite podcasting platform/app including (or whatever one you use)




2) Take a picture and/or send us a link to the podcast review to [email protected]

We would also appreciate if you can share the podcast widely in your networks. Sample text is below

Listen to our Social Change Career Podcast https://pcdn.global/listen/

PCDN sits down with the world’s top professionals in the social change & social impact sectors to learn how they are changing the world while making a living. Honest conversations turned career advice for the global changemakers. To date we've interviewed over 50 innnovators, doers, builders, changemakers and troublemakers,  from diverse sectors including social entrepreneurship, impact investing, international development, peacebuilding, tech for social change, humanitarian relief, public health and more.

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