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The World Needs Transformative Social Change

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January 18, 2022

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We live in a time of great change.

Our world is facing a series of crises, from an unrelenting pandemic to deeply rooted social justice inequities. These threaten the well-being of life on earth and, indeed, our survival. For those who are willing to lead, these crises can be addressed through a deep understanding of their connection with the rest of the world. Nonprofit and global human rights organizations are increasingly looking for leaders that have a global and holistic understanding of these crises as well as how they are interconnected with larger systems.

At Saybrook University, we’re doing the work to empower our students to make positive changes in the world. Our Transformative Social Change programs help students develop the skills to understand the interconnectedness of various systems, preparing them to apply their knowledge in organizations that address human rights, public policy, social justice, the environment, community building, and more. We offer online master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs in .

Saybrook has been an innovator in distance learning for over 50 years. The majority of coursework is conducted online. Students can live and work anywhere in the world as they engage faculty and peers. To enrich the communities we build online, Saybrook hosts residential conferences where students and faculty have the opportunity to meet, interact, and build professional and personal relationships. Guided by faculty with years of research and advocacy experience, students will learn how to design strategies that will lead to social transformation.

Around the world, people are working toward a more sustainable environment, seeking social justice and democratic reform, and creating new economic models that work for the many and not just the few. Organizations are looking for candidates who can think beyond traditional disciplines to respond to the challenges of our world. As scholars, practitioners, and activists, our graduates will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to numerous possible successful career avenues, including media advocacy, research, teaching, political campaigning, government agencies community organizations, and education.

Changing the world for the better

Saybrook's online program utilizes a global, multidisciplinary approach to address issues that currently lead to world conflicts. Our students examine threats to human rights, social justice and inequality, global climate change, violence and militarization, destruction of the commons, societal isolation and hopelessness, and many other events to better understand how their complexities play into larger systems for a broader perspective in creating solutions.

We enhance learning through direct engagement and the quality of social action benefits from deep reflection upon values and goals. Graduates of our master’s program will be able to apply these understandings to work with foundations, the United Nations, universities, and other nonprofit organizations. In addition, graduates of Saybrook’s M.A. in Transformative Change program may choose to move into the Ph.D. program where they can prepare to develop social and public policy analyses in their respective interest areas.

Saybrook University’s program focuses on preparing graduates to possess the skills to become successful policy advocates and leaders in nonprofit organizations. Our graduates will be prepared to aid human rights, public policy, social justice, peace, and environmental organizations by thinking beyond traditional disciplines to respond to the challenges of our world.

Finding a global community

At Saybrook, our students come from many different backgrounds in different parts of the world. Some have families that they need to care for and are simply trying to make things better for them. Many are extremely successful but wish to take the next step in their careers. Others see something wrong in the world and are looking for a way to speak out against these injustices. One thing that unites all of them, however, is an understanding that every human being has the potential for greatness, and when that potential is cultivated, extraordinary things can happen.

We approach education with a belief in the inherent interconnectedness of all things. As scholar-practitioners, our faculty continue to question and offer alternatives to mainstream axioms—fostering positive social transformation. Because the value of life cannot be measured, we strive to facilitate the potential of every living being to thrive in a just, inclusive, and sustainable world. Members of the Saybrook community keep alive the spirit of innovative and creative approaches as they confront the complex challenges of our time.

Across the world, our alumni, students, and faculty are making a difference. As scholars and leaders, members of Saybrook University’s global community remain united in the commitment of working toward a humane and sustainable world. They are transforming health care, providing organizational leadership, developing sustainable practices, and caring for populations in need. Saybrook University empowers every member of its community to follow their passion—dedicating themselves to a life of service and success.

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