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The Road to Social Innovation: Career Insights from Sahil Patni

Craig Zelizer

February 5, 2024

Join us for the next livestream of the Social Change Career Podcast with Sahil Patni, Portfolio Manager - Americas at Unreasonable, as he shares his journey and insights from a decade of work in finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

Date & Time: February 7 at 1 pm EST 

Why join the livestream

  • Broad Experience Across Sectors: Discover Sahil's transition across diverse environments, from the private sector and rural development to startups, impact finance, and entrepreneurship.
  • Global Perspective: Learn how Sahil’s work across different regions has influenced his approach to creating meaningful change.
  • Insightful Career Lessons: Sahil's experiences offer valuable lessons for those looking to navigate the complexities of a career dedicated to social impact.
  • Engagement in Real-Time: This live session offers a unique opportunity to engage directly with Sahil, allowing for an interactive experience that goes beyond the traditional podcast format.

How to Attend: Be sure to join the live stream on LinkedIn & YouTube. If your schedule doesn't allow you to watch live, the recording will be available on our YouTube Channel or as a podcast episode on PCDN or any major podcasting platform.

Why is PCDN doing this? Our mission is to empower professionals and students to pursue impactful careers in social change. For more tailored guidance, visit the PCDN Career Campus.

Format: Engaging interviews led by the PCDN team, with opportunities for audience interaction and questions.


Sahil works with the Unreasonable Group to support 150+ social impact ventures in the Americas portfolio. His role involves deeply connecting with Unreasonable Fellows and supporting them on various business needs, especially fundraising. He came to Unreasonable from the world of consulting, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurship. He loves building social impact projects from the ground up - including testing ideas, determining fit, gathering stakeholder inputs and executing all of that into operations. Sahil has 8+ years of cumulative experience that includes consulting in the US financial services industry, nonprofit experience in rural Maharashtra (India), starting up a farm-to-fork business in Mumbai, strategic finance with HBCUs in the US, and some independent consulting work.

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