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Stop Self-Sabotage!

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December 18, 2017

Self-sabotage means that a person who gets something good in life and then destroys it by himself. So when the person gets a very good job for example but deep inside him, he doesn’t feel that he self-worth it, so he unconsciously destroys that job by creating a problem with the boss or at the workplace which eventually leads to losing the job. thus people get something really good then they unawares destroy it, this what we call self-sabotage. Many people if you give them so much love they will do self sabotage because within they don’t feel they worth that love, so they will start creating problems, maybe they will fight with you or even do wrong things behind you, and sometimes they leave you and go, despite all that much love coming to them they are scared because of their feeling of lack of self-worth.

I would have to draw your attention to something very important which is the inside world within you should be equal the outside world! in other words they should be in balance even if there is a little difference or gap between them, but as long as you develop and promote the inside the outside world will be pushed to change to that level where is the inside developed and promoted. Life is a mirror of what always lies within you, its somehow a reflection of the inside which is the virtual world within you, and the outside called the material world that always equalizes with the inside world, it will always do that, so if I work on the virtual world inside then the material world has no choice but to be what I have inside, off course it takes time but it will equalize on the way, thats why we always should keep the virtual world better or even a little bit better than the material world, and I’m aware when I use the phrase “little bit better” because however most people when their material world gets quick change, their self worth inside starts compromising with what happened in the material world due to the big gap between them, and this is the point where self destruction or self sabotage happens.

People can easily find out whether they do self-sabotage or not, and that’s by looking at  incidents happened in the last few years of their life, so if they had something good and then it went bad that simply was self-sabotage, and every self-sabotage is justified, that is the nature of human being, so most of the people when they make mistakes they -at the beginning- try to justify, they will have to put some stupid reasons for justifying their mistakes whatever their mistakes are, then they realize later when it's too late. It’s justifying something wrong, so if it got bad because they felt inside that they aren’t worth it, that is the essential reason of self-destruction.

At the end the easiest way to get out of self-sabotaging is to turn to your deep self - it’s your being and its who you really are- then try to adjust your inner world by understanding your true self as valuable and as it always deserve,  and understanding how the universe reacts with you, in addition, to set up sensible real goals which you can progressively -not in a hurry- achieve them. Moreover whatever happens in your life just accept it, and again refocus your self by going inside within you to the inner world, there you can adjust your self and set up your goals again for better, peaceful and happy life. 

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