E8S8: Connecting Local Knowledge with Peace and Development Initiatives with Dr. Pamina Firchow

Summary & Key takeaways

How do you connect local knowledge with peace and development initiatives?

At the cutting edge of peacebuilding/development research and practice; winner of 2020 Book of the Year by the Conflict Research Society with the book “Reclaiming everyday peace: local voices in measurement and evaluation after war; associate professor in the COEX program (Conflict Resolution and Coexistence) at Brandeis University, Episode 8 explores the life and career of Dr. Pamina Firchow.

In Episode 8 listen how an internship launched her career in peacebuilding and how Dr. Firchow and her team are infusing local knowledge to generate indicators that can improve the effectiveness of peace and development initiatives.

Episode 8 of Season 8 is possible thanks to the support of The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence Program

& the Rotary Peace Fellowship (more details below)




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***Episode recorded on February 17th , 2021 

Key Links:

Everyday Peace Indicators

Pamina Firchow’s site

Heller School for Social Policy and Manegement


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This episode was brought to you thanks in part with support from  the Rotary Peace Fellowship:

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