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Enroll in a New Free MOOC on Children Deprived of Liberty: Learning from the UN Global Study

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November 4, 2019

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Do you work with children and are deeply concerned when they are deprived of liberty? Do you wonder about existing data on minors locked away in prisons, immigration centres and institutions?

The Global Campus of Human Rights’ new MOOC on Children Deprived of Liberty: Learning from the UN Global Study is based on the Study commissioned to Prof. Manfred Nowak, UN Independent Expert and Secretary General of the Global Campus. The MOOC offers unique insight on various field missions conducted by a team of international experts to prepare the Study, and highlights good practices and alternative solutions to deprivation of liberty.

The MOOC is structured in four Modules:

Module 1 focuses on the general framework of the Study and looks at the legal framework, applicable standards, guiding principles, definitions, objectives and methodology. It also offers an overview of the history of the Global Study and its links with the work of the UN CRC Committee and the Special Rapporteur on the Sale and Sexual Exploitation of Children.

Module 2 deals with the cross-cutting themes that have been identified in the Study: right to personal liberty, children’s participation, disability, gender and health.

Module 3 is dedicated to the six focus areas of the Study: administration of justice, children living in places of detention with their primary caregivers, migration-related detention, children deprived of liberty in institutions, in armed conflict and for national security reasons.

Module 4 reveals the ‘behind the scenes’ of the making of the UN Global Study in practice and discusses challenges, opportunities, recommendations and the way forward.

This MOOC is relevant for any professional working with children (social and legal workers, health professionals, non-profit staff and activists, professionals of detention facilities, governmental officers, researchers, educators, volunteers) any for anybody interested in gaining knowledge and skills in this area.

The Global Campus of Human Rights is an inter-disciplinary centre of academic excellence supported by the European Union and other donors. It strives to promote human rights and democratisation through education, specialised training and research, and via a global network of regional partners in Argentina, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, South Africa and Thailand.

The MOOC is free, including the certificate of participation.

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Questions about the program? Angela Melchiorre, Online Programmes Manager at the Global Campus of Human Rights, at [email protected]

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