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Music above Fighting A Masterpeace Documentary. Innovative Approaches to Peace Education

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February 12, 2020

MasterPeace, a leading global grassroots peace organization at the forefront of innovative peace education approaches,  launched their first mini-documentary ‘Music above Fighting."

This video tells the heart-breaking stories of three people in different conflict areas who are fed up with the situation they live in. They make music with people from the other side of the border. The movie is filmed on the borders of India/Pakistan, Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland, in places where the borders are very visible because of a separating wall or fence. The movie shows how strong an impact walls have  both mentally and physically. It is a story of people who try to live and communicate through music, a language that goes beyond bombs, fighting and differences.

‘Music above Fighting’ portrays the vision of MasterPeace with photographic shots, focusing on its major goal to involve people in peacebuilding. MasterPeace is a grassroots peace initiative with the goal to involve as many people as possible in peace by connecting peace to music, art, sport and new media. Through different initiatives, several attractive peace-building projects, global and local, MasterPeace puts together an concerts on International Peace Day where artists from different conflict areas perform together on stage, to encourage dialogue and promote togetherness.   The documentary is inviting everybody to join the movement and start their peacebuilding initiatives right away.

The link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnwI4m4KOlo

MasterPeace webstite: www.masterpeace.org

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