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Bring Impact to the Heart of Amman, help build up the first social entrepreneurship centre in the city

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February 28, 2020

Bring Impact to the

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The Heart of Amman (HoA) is a platform that aims to increase the socio-economic livelihoods of local community actors of the downtown Amman and strengthen the engagement of Jordanians and Syrian refugees in the development of their local communities. This initiative is funded by the Government of Japan and is being implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality and the National Microfinance Bank.


The HoA has now partnered with Impact Hub to select a co-founding team to build up the first social entrepreneurship centre in the city and bring impact to the centre of the Capital.

Bring Impact to the Heart of Amman

The Project

The ultimate goal of the project is to foster the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the city and enhance access to it by engaging local organizations and creating a centre for the community which will connect local entrepreneurs at the heart of Amman and thus connect people who might otherwise feel marginalized and excluded from accessing support in the current ecosystem.

?We are conducting an application process for teams interested in co-founding the social entrepreneurship centre (for full details click here) . The selected co-founding team will receive consultation and training in the following areas:


  • Community building

  • Space management

  • Business development and sustainability

  • Network building and

  • Incubation of start-ups


  • Application period: February 19th - March 4th

  • Announcement of selected team:  by March 30th

  • Consulting and training period: April 20th - May 25th

Who Should Apply:

  • Business development service providers

  • Organizations that provide support to social entrepreneurs in Amman

  • Social entrepreneurs who may be interested in becoming members of a founding team to take on the management and operation of such a space in the city


Please submit your application by filling out the form below by March 4th, 2020. In order to apply, each team needs to submit:

  • A short Market Research mapping your potential community, identifying your competition and potential partners, and showcasing your understanding of the local market and ecosystem

  • A video pitch (max. 3 min) giving insights into your team’s vision for Amman and insights into the local market, context, and community

  • CV or resume of each team member


We will store the submitted data securely and will share this with the evaluation panel and partners involved in this project only. By filling out the form below you agree that we will process your data in this way.

Evaluation Process and Panel

An evaluation panel consisting of social impact experts from UNDP, GAM and Impact Hub will select the best team and get in touch directly. The following areas will be the main focus of review for each application:

Team & Skills

We truly believe that one of the most important assets of a Social Entrepreneurship Centre is a local founding team. The team is the prototype of the community-to-be and should reflect its needs and character.

Combining the right qualities, skills, and experience, and creating clear expectations is essential (see recommended skills here). Only with a well-balanced team, the Social Entrepreneurship Centre can enable people to realize enterprising ideas for sustainable impact:

  • Minimum of 3-5 co-founders

  • Long-term commitment to lead the Social Entrepreneurship centre for the next 5+ years

  • Minimum of 1 co-founder planned to become operational full-time

  • Diverse skill set including business expertise, community-building experience, events management skills, business development & fundraising and finance & operations

  • Experience in entrepreneurial support initiatives is a plus

Vision for Amman

It will be crucial for the co-founding team to define a shared vision for the Social Entrepreneurship Centre and the impact that they want to have. A shared vision will serve as an anchor when they face challenges, and it ensures that as a team they are going into this endeavor with aligned ambitions. Furthermore, building a vibrant community of entrepreneurial changemakers is the core asset of any Social Entrepreneurship Centre. We would like to see how the co-founding team plans to position itself and what benefits it aims to bring to the Heart of Amman. We will explore the following questions in the review:

  • Why does Amman need a Social Entrepreneurship Centre?

  • What potential does the co-founding team see for the project and the wider entrepreneurship ecosystem?

  • Which are the individuals and organizations that they want to have at the core of their local community?

  • What will the key challenges to realize its potential be?


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