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Catalina Rojas

May 9, 2019

Who or what inspired you to work for change? Maybe it was your favorite professor, a personal experience or challenge you overcome, a friend or perhaps an inspiring movie or book. For whatever reason you feel happy when you are in service and your passion is to contribute to positive change this world.  You can't help it.  You may have even gone to school (or thinking about going) to learn the skills and knowledge to advance change. 

Now.  Rent and debt wont go away just because you are a do-gooder.  You need to find a way to pay the bills and fulfill your passion.  And here comes the hard part.   You start looking and the facts* leave you even more scared than before:

Many candidates are eliminated from online job applications by computer algorithms that do an initial screening

What is an applicant screening system? Is a machine deciding the fate of my career?

Over 70% of companies use social media to screen candidates

Oh, no am I using social media the right way? what about those crazy parties...

Many job openings in the social sector get hundreds of applicants & only the top 1-2% may land an interview.

Ok, I know I am awesome, but how am I going to get in the top 1-2%?

Referrals account for around a third of all external hires

Who do I know? How do I authentic networking?

On average, recruiters take 42 days to fill a new position.

How long will it take me to even land an interview?


For a few lucky ones who went to top universities you had access to Career Centers that were able to walk you through similar questions and put you in the right place to land a job in social change.  But what if you don't have an amazing Career Center available to you?  Sites like pcdnetwork.org offer a wide range of resources (blogposts, resource guides, job postings, the Social Change Career Helping Line, and our career series) at your disposal. 

However, you have to apply this knowledge to your specific path.

Still, we continue to hear from our community members comments such as:

"I'm on all the lists, I'm doing everything right and still I don't get a job"

We also hear:

"I have spent a year applying and not received a single job offer"

On an almost daily basis our community asks us for help what they can do to increase their chances of landing a job, assistance in mapping their career options, deciding on the right graduate program, how to land a fellowship, and much more. Many members have asked for additional guidance beyond our available resources.

So...... drum roll please.....

In 2018, we launched PCDN's Career Services to provide high-quality, authentic and expert guided advice (and super affordable too) to help changemakers advance their career of impact. We know everyone at times needs help to be able to correctly apply YOUR experience to present a winning narrative of yourself.

This is how we decided to launch PCDN Career Coaching services.

This is a unique opportunity to receive customized support from PCDN's leadership team where we help you develop your goals, explore what may keeping you stuck and help you create a winning brand of yourself.  We can't guarantee you a job but you will be able to develop a roadmap of where you have been, where you want to be with all the dots in between. You will walk away with a host of concrete steps.

We are able to help the person coming out of school, the mid-career professional who is seeking to change jobs, the career transitioners and also the digital do-gooder.  We all have different challenges so each session will be 100% personalized to what you need.

This is a paid service and before you roll your eyes and walk away consider this.  You likely invested a lot of time & resources for your education. In comparison, a very small investment in PCDN's Career Coaching can help you develop the right steps to a more sustainable income and purpose in your life.  If you can afford to treat yourself to a coffee or a movie you can invest in yourself.

Plus.  You get the best.  Together, we have over 40+ years working, studying, teaching, researching, consulting and being really world-recognized in the field of social change.  We ONLY take social change professionals because that is OUR field and we know it extremely well. 


For more information, questions and info how to reserve a spot go to PCDNetwork Career Coaching


*SOURCES:  https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/2377-social-media-hiring.html, # of days https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/trends-and-forecasting/research-and-surveys/Documents/2016-Human-Capital-Report.pdf External http://web.jobvite.com/Q218_Website_2018JSN_LP.html


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