E6S10 The extraordinary Career of Peacebuilder and Impact Professional: Julia Roig

Summary & Key Takeways

Julia Roig  is one of the world’s most innovative social change practitioners.  In this episode she shares her deep insights and recommendations for changemakers in an age of rapid transition and uncertainty.

Rather than running away from the critical challenges facing people and the planet, whether it be inequality, conflict, divisions, poor leadership and the immense climate challenges, Julia shares what are the core skills that people need to sustain work and impact in this sector.

Building on her three decades of changemaking, convening, learning and building bridges, she discusses how to upskill for change, what are the career paths available currently and what may emerge in the future, and the many wonders and frustrations in the industry of change.

In her opinion, one of the most critical aspects of advancing impact is to work with humility and in partnerships with actors from diverse sectors and from all parts of the globe as if we want to have a chance of doing things better, we need collective learning and action.

As a senior leader, Julia explained what she looks for in hiring and her recommendations for aspiring practitioners to be more competitive in the sector and why she loves Tik Tok so much.


Julia Roig is the Founder & Chief Network Weaver at The Horizons Project, an organizing platform to help bridge peacebuilding, social movements and democracy fields in the US and globally. She comes to this work with more than 30 years experience working on democracy and peacebuilding around the world including serving as the President of Partners Global for more than a decade and currently serves as the Board Chair of the Alliance for Peacebuilding.

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