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Recording of our Facebook Live "Applications to help you work smarter in advancing in Social Change

Craig Zelizer

August 14, 2018

Dear Colleagues

As part of our Social Change Career Helping Line, the world's first crowd & expert sourced helping for Careers in Change, we've started doing weekly Facebook Live sessions called "Lets Talk About Careers in Change."

Our most recent session was held on Tuesday August 14th. This week we discussed "Applications to help you work smarter in advancing social change." We reviewed some of the key tools that can help you work better and smarter both at the individual, team and organizational level. We covered a diverse set tools (many have free options) that you can use to manage projects (individually and as a team), keep track of your brilliant ideas no matter where you're, how to develop your own database of contacts, tools for invoicing/finance, resources to help you learn on the run and much, much more.

To participate in future sessions (we hold them every Tuesday on different topics related to building a high impact career) join the Helping Line. To see this week's video click on the link below.

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